This tab serves to:
  • associate add/remove bodies (pads, pockets, drillholes and tapholes) with receiving bodies,
  • to filter the customized names of holes, pads and pockets for use with the Distributed Drill Component command.

It also offers an option that allows you to add and remove bodies in the manner of versions prior to V5R16.

Bodies options

Allow you to:

  • fully customize the names of drill holes, tap holes, pads and pockets (in accordance with the naming rules given below),
  • structure receiving bodies (plates, for instance) that are dedicated to receiving these bodies
  • include additional information in the end of the name of these bodies.
  • associate bodies and their receiving bodies
  1. To add the name of a body to the list, type it in the box beneath the Add/Remove bodies list.

  2. Click in the list or hit return to add it.

  3. Remove a name by selecting it in the list and hitting backspace.

  4. Receiving bodies behave in the same way.

  1. Associate an Add/Remove body to a Receiving body by clicking on an Add/Remove body, clicking on a Receiving body

    and pressing Associate.

  • When an Add/Remove body is selected for an association, all elements that begin with the same name will be selected. For instance, if you select MyPocket as Add/Remove body, the association will also include MyPocket1, MyPocketForPlate6, etc.
  • An Add/Remove body can only be associated with a single Receiving body.

Add/Remove management

By default, bodies are assembled. You can, however, choose to add/remove bodies (as in versions prior to R16) by unchecking this box.