Define Feature

This page deals with the Define Feature options for Inspection.

Mode of Visualization

The options are:
  • Geometry View
  • Point View
  • Geometry and Point View
  • Geometry and Normal View
  • Normal View

The default value is Geometry View.

Feature Color

Same Color for All Features

If you select Same Color for All Features, all defined features will be the color selected in Feature Color.  If you deselect Same Color for All Features, you may select one feature from the Feature Type pull down menu, and that color will have the color defined in Feature Color.

The initial color setting is shown above; the default value is to have the same color for all features.

Show All Defined Features

If you select Show All Defined Features, all defined features will be shown; if you deselect Show All Defined Features, they will be hidden.

The default value is to show all defined features.

Non Associativity Color/Thickness

Set the color and thickness of the lines portraying non-associativity.

The initial color and line thickness setting is shown above.