This page deals with the General options for Inspection.

Rule Base

If you use Inspect rules, use the Browse button to select the directory in which the Inspect Rules are stored.

The default value is not to define a path to an Inspect Rules base.


If you wish to use a DMIS filter, select Enable DMIS Filter check box.  Once the check box is selected, the Browse button becomes enabled, and you can use it to select the full path name of the DMIS Characterization file.  Select the desired DMIS Version from the list provided.

The default value is not to enable a DMIS filter.


If you select the AutoMeas check box, a measure activity will be created when you create a feature Activity.

By default, AutoMeas is not enabled.

Station Mode

The Default Station value determines which inspection station activity appears under the Process node when a new .CATProcess file opens in Inspection.  The choices are:
  • Single Arm CMM Operation
  • Dual Arm Arm CMM Operation
  • Laser Tracker Operation
  • Manual Arm Operation

If you select the Enable Activities across Operations check box, you can share some inspection activities among stations.

The initial Default Station value is Single Arm CMM Operation; the default value of the Enable Activities across Operations check box is that it is not selected.

JoPlug CSV File Paths

The paths set here are the paths to the directories where the JoPlug CSV data files are stored.  Users can create their own JoPlug CSV Files.  When users modify this setting so that the path listed is that of a user-created or modified file, the system checks the number of columns in the file.  The Step Pin and Radius Pin files must have 5 columns; the Shoulder Pin file must have 7 columns.  If this condition is not met, a warning message appears.

The settings can be changed by using the Browse button.

The default settings are under your installation's startup directory.