V4 / V5 DRAW

This task shows you how to customize V4 / V5 DRAW Data settings, that are divided in five sections:

Geometry import

When importing geometry, you can decide that you do or do not create centers and end points.

Dimension conversion mode

When converting dimensions, the resulting dimensions can or cannot be edited (modified).

Explode mode

In V4, a symbolo is an instance of a symbol and a ditto is an instance of a detail. By default, when migrating to V5, both symbolo/symbol and ditto/detail are converted into 2D component instance/2D component reference. Select this option to explode a ditto or symbol during the V4/V5 migration, i.e. to convert them into an interactive geometry.

Blink element

When this setting is activated, you obtain a red element in CATIA V5 corresponding to the V4 Blink element. If you do not activate this option, the migrated Blink element is displayed in highlight.

Generative view style

This setting specifies the generative view style that should be used when migrating AUXVIEW2 views from V4 to V5. Select an XML file from the list. The generative view style parameters defined in this file will be used for the migration.
If this setting is unavailable, you need to uncheck the Prevent generative view style creation setting from Tools > Options > Mechanical Design > Drafting > Administration tab.
For more information about generative view styles, refer to the Generative Drafting User's Guide.