Layer Filter

This tab deals with one category of options: Filter and Document Display.

Filter and Document Display

  This category of options lets you modify the impact of layer filters applied to assemblies (i.e. CATProduct documents).
As far as other types of documents supporting layer filters (such as CATPart and CATDrawing documents) are concerned, filters are stored in the document and this storage location cannot be modified.

Current filter on all documents

If this option is selected, it means that the current filter is applied to all the documents of the assembly (i.e. a CATProduct and the CATParts it contains).
When the assembly is edited, this option applies the filter at the CATProduct level and impacts the visualization of all the documents of the assembly (including the CATParts) and this, even though a filter has been defined in the CATParts. The only way to visualize a CATPart according to its specific filter is to edit the CATPart on its own.

Filters that may be stored in the documents the assembly is made of are not taken into account.

This option enhances visualization performance but do not forget that it implies that the layer selection and the filter application is coherent between the various document types.

When a CATProduct document is open and one of its CATPart is also open in another window in the same session, Current filter on all documents works only if filters have been applied coherently on the two documents. For instance, if the CATPart has been applied a specific current filter (different from the global current one), this CATPart will not be visualized correctly in the two windows since an object cannot be visualized in two different ways at the same time.
  By default, this option is activated.

Current filter of the document

If this option is selected, it means that each document uses its own current filter (if there is one). When an assembly (i.e. a CATProduct its CATParts) is edited, this option applies on each CATPart the filter defined in each of them, whatever the filter defined at the CATProduct level.
If no filter is defined in a CATPart, then the default filter All visible is applied.

Note that there is a price to pay in performance when using this filter mode.

By default, this option is cleared.

Whichever option you select, note that the result might not be as expected when working with Version 4 objects. Refer to Using Visualization Filters for more information.