This page deals with the following settings:

Defining the Report Directory


  The Report default directory is the directory where the report file is stored.
You can change the by clicking the Browse icon .

Setting Up Extract Parameters



Fixed Drawing Spot Size

  You can define a fixed size for the 2D drawing spots: check the Fixed Drawing Spot Size button and define a diameter value.
As a consequence, all spots in the 2D document will have this diameter, whatever their size in the 3D document.
  By default, this option is unchecked.

Angular Tolerance

  You can define a user Angular Tolerance.
  By default, this option is set to 90deg.

Include View Reverse Direction

  You can check the Include View Reverse Direction check box to visualize 2D reverse spots.
  By default, this option is unchecked.
Refer to the Drafting Integration chapter for further information.