Electrical Library Access  

Electrical System Functional Definition takes advantage of Electrical Library for the mapping between functional equipments and connectors to V4 library parts. It consists of the definition of the corresponding physical components for functional equipments or connectors.
This is done in Electrical System Functional Definition.
Moreover, compatibility can be established between functional and physical components in order to reduce the list of physical components available for a functional component. The compatibility sets a relation between the External Reference attribute of the functional component and the Part Number attribute of the physical component. These relations are stored in a compatibility table, in csv format.

The Electrical Library Access tab contains two categories of options letting you customize:

V4 Library Access Configuration

  • To add a library in the list, click Add.
    The dialog box opens:
  • Enter the library name and path then click OK to validate.
  • You can delete or modify the library access, using respectively the Remove or Edit button.

By default, the fields are blank.

Functional-Physical Compatibility Location

To gain access to the compatibility table, enter its path (for example: c:\Temp) in the Compatibility Path field.

By default, the field is blank.

Let's see the compatibility table structure:

In this sample, the functional equipment which External Reference is ExtRefEqt is compatible with three physical equipments which PartNumber are PN1, PN2, PN3.
For more information about the interoperability with Electrical System Functional Definition, refer to Mapping Functional Components to Physical Parts in this User's Guide.

The Electrical Library Access can be set by the administrator.
In this case it can also be locked.
To get more information about the Administration Mode in CATIA, refer to Infrastructure User's Guide.