Wire Routing  

This page deals with the options concerning:

Separation Code File

This option is used to define separation code rules to optimize the routing.

No Rule

The separation code is not used. The routing is done according to the shortest route found.

It is the default value.

File Based

The separation codes may be File Based.
In this case, define the path to access the compatibility table by clicking the Browse button to choose the separation code file.
This file is used during the automatic routing.

Bundle Segment Bend Radius Update

According to the wire bend radius

Three modes are available:
  • Never: no update of the bundle segment minimum bend radius is performed.
  • Always: the greatest bend radius of the wires routed in the bundle segment determines the segment bend radius to be applied.
  • Conditional: the wire bend radius is taken into account for update when it is greater than the bundle segment bend radius.

The default mode is Always.