IO Analysis

This page deals with IO Analysis options, all of which are grouped under Waiting Resource.

Waiting Resource

Waiting Device Status

These settings determine what behavior you can expect from the system when viewing any resources with IO Wait during a simulation.

The analysis level choices are:

  • Off: (deactivated) the default value
  • Highlight:  Highlighting the transgression on the geometry
  • Verbose:  Setting a verbose mode when a message is displayed
  • Interrupt:  Interrupting the simulation.

If you select Highlight, you can select the color in which you wish to see the highlighting occur. This color also highlights transgressions when you are in Verbose or Interrupt mode.  The message displayed in Verbose mode is also displayed in Interrupt mode.

The IO settings are enabled when you use the Analysis Configuration or Analysis Mode On/Off command.

DThe default value for this option is Off; its initial color setting is shown above.

Ignore Disconnected IO

When this option is selected, a simulation proceeds even when wait IO states are part of the simulation.  This option enables users who are running simulations originally designed for more than one robot to run a simulation with only one.

DThe default value for this option is that the check box is not selected.