Robot Analysis  

This page deals with Robot Analysis options:

Tool Center Point (TCP) Limit

These settings determine what behavior you can expect from the system when Tool Center Point (TCP) limitations are exceeded during a simulation.

The analysis level choices are:

  • Off: (deactivated) the default value
  • Highlight:  Highlighting the transgression on the geometry
  • Verbose:  Setting a verbose mode when a message is displayed
  • Interrupt:  Interrupting the simulation.

If you select Highlight, you can select the color in which you wish to see the highlighting occur. This color also highlights transgressions when you are in Verbose or Interrupt mode.  The message displayed in Verbose mode is also displayed in Interrupt mode.

The TCP limitations are enabled when you use the Analysis Configuration or Jog command.

DThe default value for these options is Off; their initial color settings are shown above.

Controller Properties - Heart Beat

Robots may have a heart beat set via each individual robot's property sheet.  This heart beat defines the sampling rate of the controller.  You can choose to use the robot heart beat rate for all robots within a process, or you disable the robot beat rate for all robots in a process.

To enable the robot heart beat rate, select the Enable motion planning based on robot Heart Beat rate check box.

DThe default value for this options is disabled.