Tool Selection Assistant

Note: The tab described in this section may not appear on your workbench if your configuration does not include the Tool Selection Assistant add-on to this product's configuration.

This page deals with the Tool Selection Assistant option for DPM - Fastening Process Planner. 

Gun Search Options

Use Context of Selected Process

When a process is selected as part of the manual gun search, the context of gun in the process is selected as part of the search. This setting is used by the 2D Section Stack Up command and the Automatic and Manual Weldgun Search commands. If this option is set, then the activity selection is compulsory. The activity selection can be changed at any time. The collision queue and the part positioning will be done as per the context of this activity.

If this option is deselected, then the collision queue consists of all the products/resources, and there is no part positioning.

DBy default, the Use Context of Selected Process option is not selected.

Axis of Tool Rotation

Selecting this option locks the axis of tool rotation to the selected axis. This option applies to all Tool Selection Assistant commands.  The available axes are the Z and Y axes.

Only the axis of tool rotation is governed by this option. The tool continues to snap on the weldpoint with the Z-axis of tool TCP coinciding with the Z-axis of weldpoint

DThe default axis is the Z axis.

Pie Diagram Size

Size of Pie Diagram

The pie diagram is associated with the Results tab of the Analyze Target Orientation dialog that appears when you use the Analyze Welds for Robot command.  The pie is associated with a weld and it shows the angles of the weld which fall into the following categories:

  • Unreachable

  • Feasible

  • Reachable

  • Not computed yet

  • Feasible in flip mode.

Size of Pie diagram changes the size.
By default, the size is set to 25 mm.

Thickness, is aimed at improving the display of Pie Chart by providing an option to set thickness for each pie chart.

This will also allow you to see the pie diagrams as CGR's in the local file system.
The default values will be 5 mm. The thickness will be in the direction of axis of the tool rotation.

Reverse Pie Chart

In some cases, we note that the X-Axis direction of customer Weld guns is opposite from DELMIA’s default. In such cases, the representation of Pie Chart is opposite to the one that has been computed. This is aimed at providing an option to the customer to invert the direction of the X-Axis of Pie Chart for proper representation.