Inserting an Existing Component with Positioning

This task shows you how to insert and position a component as the same operation.
This functionality is an enhancement of the Insert Existing Component command for Assembly Design workbench. The Smart Move interface enables the easy positioning of inserted components in the assembly, at the very moment of their insertion. It also enables the positioning by creation of constraints. If there is no geometry to position when the component is inserted, this functionality has the same behavior as the Insert Existing Component command and visualization. See Smart Move or Smart Move with Viewer.
Open the MovingComponents01.CATProduct document.
  1. Click the Existing Component with Positioning icon:

  1. Select Product1 in the specification tree.

The File Selection dialog box appears.

  1. Select the CRIC_JOIN.CATPart  document in the File Selection dialog box.


The Smart Move dialog box appears as shown below.


The Fix Component command is now available from this dialog box.

  1. In this dialog box, select the axis of the part.


The axis is displayed on the part in the geometry window.

  1. In this geometry window, select the axis of the CRIC_BRANCH_3 part.


CRIC_JOIN is snapped with CRIC_BRANCH_3 part.

  1. Click OK in the Smart Move dialog box.