Entering DMU Engineering Analysis Review Workbench

This first task explains how to enter the DMU Engineering Analysis Review workbench from a CATProduct.

Open the Custom.CATProduct document from the samples directory.
This CATProduct includes an analysis.

  1. In the specification tree, double-click Analysis Manager.

    You automatically enter the DMU Engineering Analysis Review workbench.

    In the specification tree, you now have access to the following features:

    You are able to: 

    • browse any of the specifications in order to return information on the computation hypothesis.
    • manage the display of existing images included in the CATAnalysis document.
    • generate standard images (mesh, deformed mesh, translational displacement magnitude and Von Mises stress).
    • edit any image in order to visualize results on pre-defined groups of finite elements.
    • use Tools (animate, examine results in a cut plane, scale the deformed mesh amplitude, global or local extrema, manipulate the color palette, layout images).

You can now perform the following task, Generating an Image.