Enter the Workbench and Setup the Part Operation

task target This first task shows you how to open the part to machine, enter the Advanced Machining workbench, and setup the Part Operation.
scenario 1. Select File > Open then select the SampleProductAMG.CATProduct document.
2. Select Machining > Advanced Machining from the Start menu. The Advanced Machining workbench appears. The part is displayed in the Setup Editor window along with the manufacturing specification tree.

  3. Double click Part Operation.1 in the tree. The Part Operation dialog box appears.
  4. Select the Machine icon to access the Machine Editor dialog box.
  • Select the 5-axis Machine icon.
  • In the Compensation tab, set the options as follows:

In this case a Compensation tab will appear in the Strategy page of the editor of all machining operations that support cutter compensation.

  • Click OK to return to the Part Operation dialog box.
  5. Select the Stock icon then select the stock geometry. 
  6. Click OK to accept the Part Operation.
7. Select  Manufacturing Program.1 in the tree to make it the current entity.
To insert program entities such as machining operations, tools and auxiliary commands you can either:
  • make the program current before clicking the insert program entity command
  • click the insert program entity command then make the program current.

end of task