Repeating Curve Beads

This task shows you how to repeat BiW curve beads along a selected curve.

Open the ABF_CurveBead02.CATProduct document.


  1. Double-click the Joint Element.1 from the specification tree.

    The BiW CurveBead Fastener Definition dialog box opens.
  2. Select Along Curve in the location field.

  3. Click More>> to define the location if the dialog box is not already displayed.

    The Along Curve Location dialog box opens.
  4. Select the curve. Check Split Support Curve.

  5. Define the Start and End parameters, for instance enter 0 for the Start point and 0.2 for the End point.

  6. Click Close.

    Select the Repeat object after OK check box, in the BiW CurveBead Fastener Definition dialog box.
  7. Click OK.

    The BiW Fastener Repetition dialog box opens.

    It shows:

    • the reference fastener referring to the currently created spot point.

    • the End Point being the extremity of the curve by default. You can choose the other extremity by clicking the Extremity button as well as defining another point on the curve.

  8. Define the Parameters:

    • Instance(s): defines the number of elements to be repeated.
    • Spacing: defines the spacing between two successive elements to be repeated. As many curve beads as possible are created.
    • Instances and Spacing: defines both the number and the spacing between the elements to be repeated.
  9. According to what you chose in the Parameters field, either define a value in the Instances field or in the Spacing one or in both of them.

    When entering a value in the Instance field, the distance between two successive points is automatically calculated, curve beads are equidistant and the last repeated curve bead is positioned on the curve end point.
  10. Click OK to validate the repetition.

    Instances (4):
    Spacing (15mm):
    Instances and Spacing (4 & 7 mm):
    The repeated curve beads are created along the selected curve as defined in the BiW Fastener Repetition dialog box.
  • All repeated curve beads are exactly the copy of the reference curve bead, therefore have the same length as the reference curve bead.
  • All repeated curves are located on the same curve as the reference element.
This capability is available with all the location methods but the Explicit location method.
Annotations can be automatically created during the fastener creation. For more information, refer to Creating Fastener Annotations Automatically.