Creating Multi-Selected Spot Fasteners 

This task shows you how to create multi-selected spot fasteners (spot points or spot projection welds).

Open the MultipleSpotPoints1.CATProduct document.

  1. Select the points located along the curve using the Ctrl key.

  2. Still holding the Ctrl key, select the joint body from the specification tree.

  3. Select BiW Welding SpotPoint from Welding toolbar.

    The BiW SpotPoint Fastener Definition dialog box displays as well as a preview of the reference spot point.
  4. Click OK to validate the creation of multiple spot points.

    Multiple spot points have been created.
    This capability is only available with the On Point, On Support Surface, and Explicit location options.
Annotations can be automatically created during the fastener creation. For more information, refer to Creating Fastener Annotations Automatically.