Measure Tools


You can measure the distance between fasteners using the following command:
Measuring distances and angles: Click the Measure Between icon, set the measure type and mode in the Measure Between dialog box, then select two entities.
You can measure properties associated to a selected fastener using the following command:
Measuring properties: Click the Measure Item icon, then select an item.
You must set the following parameters for both commands:
  • Check the Show Shape option in Tools > Options > Shape > Automotive BiW Fastening > Display. Only this option must be checked.

  • Choose Any geometry as the Selection mode, and Approximate as the Calculation mode, as the fastener representation is a symbolic shape representation (the Exact mode is not supported) in the Measure Between dialog box.

  • Fasteners must be selected in the 3D geometry. Selecting fasteners in the specification tree is not supported.

Open the Measure1.CATProduct document.

  1. Select Measure Between .

    The Measure Between dialog box appears.
  2. Select two fasteners in the 3D geometry.

    Appropriate distance values are displayed both in the 3D area and in the dialog box. 
    Measuring between two spot points
    Measuring between two curve beads
  3. From the Measure Between dialog box, click Measure Item (you can also select this icon from the Measure toolbar).

    The Measure Item dialog box appears.
  4. Select the fastener in the 3D area.

    Appropriate values are displayed both in the 3D geometry and in the dialog box:
    coordinates for spot points and length for curve beads.
    Measuring a spot point
    Measuring a curve bead
  5. Click OK to exit the command.

    You can customize the properties you want to see displayed by clicking the Customize... option.