Message Catalog Errors

Before the compiler can compile your program, the message catalogs must be installed and the environment variables LANG and NLSPATH must be set to a language for which the message catalog has been installed. See Set Up the Batch Compilation Environment for more information about setting these variables.

If you see the following message during compilation, the appropriate message catalog cannot be opened:

Error occurred while initializing the message system in
file: message_file

where message_file is the name of the message catalog that the compiler cannot open. This message is issued in English only.

You should then verify that the message catalogs and the environment variables are in place and correct. If the message catalog or environment variables are not correct, compilation can continue, but all nondiagnostic messages are suppressed and the following message is issued instead:

No message text for message_number.

where message_number is the IBM VisualAge C++ internal message number. This message is issued in English only.

To determine message catalogs which are installed on your system, list all of the file names for the catalogs using the following command:

ls /usr/lib/nls/msg/%L/*.cat

where %L is the primary language environment (locale) selected during installation of the AIX Version 4 Operating System. If the AIX system has never been installed on the system before, the default locale is C. The locale for United States English is en_US. The default message catalogs in /usr/vacpp/exe/default_msg are called when:

For more information about the NLSPATH and LANG environment variables, see the AIX Version 4 System User's Guide: Operating Systems and Devices.

The AIX national language facilities are described in the "Introducing National Language Support for Programming" in the AIX Version 4 General Programming Concepts.

Set Up the Batch Compilation Environment