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Do you have any questions or comments related to the IBM RS/6000 Technical Library service?

If there are any problems related to the RS/6000 Technical Library web pages found on this CD, and you are able to submit e-mail to the internet, please feel free to contact us. Types of questions/comments we will be glad to respond to are:

  • Corrections to the information provided;
  • Corrections to your shipping information;
  • Suggestions for improvement;
  • Operational problems with RS/6000 Technical Library's search engine;
  • Problems running RS/6000 Technical Library;
  • General information about the RS/6000 Technical Library offering.
Questions we are not equipped to answer are:

  • Technical questions related to the information provided by RS/6000 Technical Library. These type of questions should be directed to your IBM AIX support center or structure.
  • Inquiries regarding your contract billing. Any questions regarding billing should be directed towards our IBM Marketing team, or your IBM account representative.


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