Installation Guide
About This Book
Chapter 1. Installing the Base Operating System
Electronic License Agreements
Step 1. Completing the Prerequisites
Step 2. Preparing Your System for Installation
Step 3. Setting Up with an ASCII Terminal
Step 4. Booting from Your Installation Media
Step 5. Verifying or Changing the Installation Settings
Step 6. Finishing the BOS Installation
Chapter 2. Migration Installation
Chapter 3. Configuring the Operating System
Chapter 4. Optional Software Products and Service Updates
Chapter 5. Documentation Library Service and Online Documentation
Chapter 6. Creating System Backups
Chapter 7. Installing System Backups
Chapter 8. Customized BOS Installations
Chapter 9. Alternate Disk Installation
Chapter 10. Troubleshooting
Appendix A. Additional Software Product Packaging Concepts
Appendix B. File Stanza Descriptions
Appendix C. File Examples
Appendix D. Installing Kerberos Version 5
Appendix E. Notices