Performance Management Guide
About This Book
Chapter 1. Performance Concepts
Chapter 2. Resource Management Overview
Performance Overview of the CPU Scheduler
Performance Overview of the Virtual Memory Manager (VMM)
Performance Overview of Fixed-Disk Storage Management
Chapter 3. Introduction to Multiprocessing
Chapter 4. Planning and Implementing for Performance
Chapter 5. System Monitoring and Initial Performance Diagnosis
Chapter 6. Monitoring and Tuning CPU Use
Chapter 7. Monitoring and Tuning Memory Use
Chapter 8. Monitoring and Tuning Disk I/O Use
Chapter 9. Monitoring and Tuning Communications I/O Use
Chapter 10. Monitoring and Tuning NFS Use
Chapter 11. Monitoring and Tuning Java
Chapter 12. Analyzing Performance with the Trace Facility
Chapter 13. Using Performance Diagnostic Tool (PDT)
Chapter 14. Reporting Performance Problems
Chapter 15. Application Tuning
Appendix A. Monitoring and Tuning Commands and Subroutines
Appendix B. Efficient Use of the ld Command
Appendix C. Accessing the Processor Timer
Appendix D. Determining CPU Speed
Appendix E. National Language Support: Locale versus Speed
Appendix F. Performance Tuning with AIX Fast Connect For Windows and OS/2
Appendix G. Summary of Tunable Parameters
Appendix H. Notices