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DoIT Enterprise Storage Details & Pricing

Q: Who is able to use DoIT's Enterprise Storage?

A: Enterprise storage resources are available to customers with servers located in the DoIT data centers. Storage is available to customers who need disaster recovery capabilities, high performance disk subsystems, or large quantities of storage.

Q: What does enterprise storage cost?

A: Enterprise storage is $1500 per year plus $40 per gigabyte per year for fibre channel storage, and $5 per gigabyte per year for ATA storage.

Q: What do I get for the money I spend on storage?

A: You get two fibre channel connections, one to each of our redundant storage area networks, the storage space you need, and mirroring to a remote site for disaster recovery.

Q: What other services are available?

A: Beyond mirroring of your data, we can do snapshots of your data as well as asynchronous copying (a sort of asynchronous snapshot).

Q: What if I only want one fibre channel connection?

A: New hosts with one fibre channel connection are not supported and not permitted. Hosts that already have one connection are not supported and should be migrated to two connections.

Q: What if I do not need mirroring? Can I opt out of it?

A: No. All enterprise storage allocations on fibre channel disks (as opposed to ATA disk) are mirrored to our remote data center. This is non-negotiable.

Q: What do I need for software on my server?

A: You need to run some form of multipathing software, so you can survive storage problems (storage processor reboots, SAN outages, path failures, etc.). EMC supplies PowerPath multipathing software for AIX, Linux, Windows, and Solaris.

Q: How are outages handled?

A: The storage team tries really hard to ensure that maintenance can be done in a non-disruptive fashion (which is also why hosts must be dual-connected). However, from time to time a disruptive upgrade needs to occur. Those will be scheduled as far in advance as possible.

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