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Sending Mail from Applications (

Sending email from applications has classically been a problem. Sending mail using local mail agents results in unreliable mail delivery when the host is not configured as a full-fledged mail server. Running sendmail on our servers adds administration effort, in configuring the mail software and continual maintenance. Furthermore, WiscMail is not a good place to relay mail from applications because of the way WiscMail implements relay controls (SMTP AUTH is not widely supported in applications). Because of all of this, we have created

Your application needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Hosted on a server where the system administrators work for DoIT.
  • Hosted in one of DoIT's data centers.

Here's how to get it set up:

  1. Email Bob Plankers (plankers at and/or Joe Tarter (jtarter at and tell them:

    1. how much mail you will be sending (a rough estimate is good)
    2. which SERVER you will be sending mail from (give them the fully qualified domain name, like '').

  2. The admins will explicitly permit email to be relayed through from your application. They will email you back when that is ready.

  3. Set your application to send mail through AND NOT your local host's mail daemon.

  4. If you need to send mail from the command line on a UNIX host, contact your system administrator for solutions that do not use the local mail system (namely 'smtpclient' on UNIX hosts).

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