Firefox for AIX 5L
The Common Mode build works on every machine. Tested on AIX 5.1 ML9, AIX 5.2 TL10. Use this one for the old Microchannel based machines with POWER1 or POWER2 CPU. For everthing else the PowerPC optimized is faster.
md5sum: 9addafc965b1ed6a8ec22185adf8c04c

Firefox for AIX 5L on PowerPC or higher.
md5sum: 4536b936abf4f30fc929da805b9ec972
If you run AIX 5.2 or later your machine has a PowerPC CPU because the old POWER1 and POWER2 platforms were not supported anymore.

Here are my patches against the original source tarball.
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Have fun with the best Web Browser for AIX 5L

 Uli Link

 Nov 12, 2008