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 My customer uses LoadLeveler V1.2.1 on AIX V4.1.4.                             
 1. Could you tell me the algorithm of JOB ID assignment by                     
    LoadLeveler ?  What the maximum value for it ? Can I                        
    limit the maximum value in any method ?                                     
 Thanks in advance.                                                             
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#1.     job id = ...                                  
             host_name is the name of the machine running the schedd            
             that is responsible for the job.                                   
             cluster is an integer which starts with 1 and is                   
             for each job managed by the schedd                                 
             proc is an integer starting with 0 and incremented for             
             each queue statement in the job command file.                      
             The maximum value for cluster and proc is the max integer.         
             There is currently no way to limit the maximum value.             

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