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ABSTRACT:     PSF/6000 support of 6408s                                         
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I have a customer that wants to set up a remote printing environment            
using PSF/AIX. They want to spool all the MVS output to RAID disk               
attached to the RS/6000. We know that we can control and drive the              
3900-0W1s via PSF/AIX, but the customer also has several STK impact             
printers that we need to replace. Can we attach a couple of 6408s               
to PSF/AIX for the impact applications? If so, do the 6408s need to             
be IPDS models? Thanks for the help.                                            
PSF for AIX does not currently support impact printers except through           
PSF Direct.  Support of LAN-attached IPDS 6400s is included in InfoPrint        
Manager for AIX V2.1 (5648-A35) and V3.1 (5648-B34).                            
AIX, on the other hand, can support ASCII models of these printers.             
It might be feasible to support the 3900s off of PSF for AIX while              
driving the 64xx's off of AIX.  It would depend on the customer's               
environment and requirements for their MVS printing on these impact             
printers.  For example, in this configuration host FCBs would not be            
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