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ABSTRACT:     PSF for AIX and PSM questions                                     
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Customer is exploring printing LAN data to a PSF/6000-driven printer            
and has some questions I haven't been able to find a definite answer to:        
1)  Can I print native TIFF or does it have to be wrapped in some form          
    of PostScript?                                                              
2)  What is the RIP type used to RIP the Postscript into IPDS ?                 
3)  Will PSF for AIX RIP & Print at the same time or does the entire            
    RIP have to be complete before printing ?                                   
In a related question, does PSM have an interface to JES or is it               
just JES-like in its function?  They think they want to have JES                
control of their network printers (or at least the one to which all             
of this Postscript printing is going).                                          
R1) PSF/AIX does not accept TIFF as an input data stream.  However, the         
InfoPrint Manager for AIX product (5648-B34) does include a tiff2afp            
transform.  PSF/AIX will accept TIFF within PostScript wrappers.                
R2) The current RIP that is used in the ps2afp transform is based on the        
Xionics (formerly Phoenix) transform; Level 2 PostScript is supported.          
The InfoPrint Manager for AIX product uses the Adobe PostScript                 
transforms for its base and its optional Extreme RIPs.                          
R3) If the job can be submitted through PSF/AIX's Input Manager, i.e.,          
through "smit psf" or through the psfin command or through MVS Download,        
PSF/AIX can segment the job and begin printing before the job is                
entirely ripped.                                                                
R4) PSM does not have an interface to the JES spool.  Since the                 
PostScript jobs would be coming into PSF/AIX from the LAN, I don't              
know of any way to have JES control that printer, unless you want to            
look at the forthcoming upload-and-print capability of PSF/MVS and PSF          
for AIX--you could set up an upload queue that would take in PostScript,        
rip it to AFPDS, upload it to the host, reblock it (automatically) and          
then route it to a PSF/MVS-owned printer or using PSF Direct back               
down to a PSF/AIX-owned printer.  Control would remain at JES in either         
case. (But that's pretty convoluted and would add some load on their            
network bandwidth to move all this around.)                                    
Need additional information.                                                    
5)  You said we can RIP and Print concurrently; can we do multiple              
    RIPs concurrently?                                                          
6)  They want to attach a 3900 to a RS/6000 and print host data and             
    LAN data, preferably with JES control of at least the host data.            
    PSF Direct allows JES control, but can we also print LAN data in            
    that environment?                                                           
R5) Yes if running multiple ps2afpd daemons; see ASKQ item RTA000037105.       
R6) You can share a printer between PSF Direct (for host jobs) and              
    PSF/AIX (for LAN jobs) through a system of timeouts and PSF/MVS             
    startup proc parameters.  The best description of how this can              
    work is in the PSF Direct Network Configuration Guide for S/370             
    (S544-5287) in Chapter 10, "Using One PSF for AIX Printer to Print          
    Data from Multiple Sources".  Also see RTA000091290 and BLD FLASH           
    9602 for other helpful information.  Note that PSF Direct is an             
    SNA solution.                                                               
    JES will control the jobs submitted from MVS, and AIX will                  
    control jobs submitted from the LAN.                                        
I hope that helps. Let me know if you have additional questions.                
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AIX PSF PSF/6000 POSTSCRIPT RIP TIFF DIRECT JES SHARE psf/aix sna               
xionics adobe tiff2afp ps2afp                                                   

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