How do you move a job from one PSF/AIX printer queue

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ABSTRACT:     How do you move a job from one PSF/AIX printer queue              
              another's printers' queue?                                        
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Customer just installed PSF for AIX to drive two 3900s both from                
MVS and the LAN.  As operators occasionally send a job to the wrong             
printer, they are trying to divert a job from one printer's queue               
to the other printer's queue and have had no luck.  What is the                 
process?  Thanks.                                                               
As per our telephone conversation, we need to get additional information       
from the customer, including:                                                   
1) The level of AIX they are running                                            
2) Confirmation that they're running PSF/AIX V2                                 
3) How jobs are being submitted (lpr? psfin? smit psf? smit enq? The            
   PSF operator interface? Other?) and from where?                              
4) The status of the job that they wish to move (RUNNING? QUEUED?               
Please reopen this item when the customer provides this information.            
The situation has changed a little since I opened this.  Now he                 
has been able to go in and reroute the queues using the AIX                     
print spooler but with the PSF operator tool it can't be done                   
and he doesn't want to give operators "root" authority to move                  
Answers to your questions:                                                      
1)  AIX level is 4.1                                                            
1)  PSF/AIX is Version 2.  (How do they see PTF levels?)                        
3)  Jobs are submitted on a SUN station using lpr command.                      
4)  Status of jobs is QUEUED.                                                   
To be expand further, he is using SMIT to try to move queues in                 
both instances.  When he goes in thru the SMIT main menu Option 6 (?)           
to work with the Print Spool, he sees the physical and logical                  
devices and all jobs waiting to be printed.                                     
When he takes the PSF/6000 option off the main SMIT menu, he                    
can't see the jobs, however, there is an option to move a job                   
FROM a queue and TO a queue PSF so obviously makes the function                 
The key in this configuration is that the jobs that are being submitted         
to PSF/AIX are coming from remote systems using LPR/LPD; these are not          
jobs that have been submitted through the psfin command or through the          
"smit psf" panels on the RS/6000.                                              
In PSF/AIX, you can only move jobs from one queue to another that have          
come in through psfin or smit psf, i.e., through the Input Manager              
(which bypasses the normal AIX spool). It will not work with jobs               
submitted from remote systems (through LPD) or from local systems               
with the standard AIX print commands (enq, lpr, qprt, lp); in AIX 4.1           
you can use the qmov command to move jobs submitted in this manner.             
So, if an operator works with jobs through the Production Print Operator        
Interface or the panels under "smit psf_main", s/he will possibly               
see a subset of the jobs on the spool if various methods have been              
used to submit the jobs.                                                        
The interface was designed to support production print jobs, including          
tape input devices and COM/microfiche output devices.  Note that MVS            
MVS Download can invoke the psfin command (through the sample        
shell script provided), so that output coming from MVS through Download         
can take advantage of these operational enhancements.  It is also               
feasible to write shell scripts to enable remote users to invoke psfin          
as well, although that's not included with PSF/AIX.                             
So in summary, given the customer's configuration, the Production               
Print Operator Interface will not have access to the customer's                 
remotely submitted jobs without some customization (e.g., a shell               
script to invoke psfin for remote jobs; contact the AIX Support Center          
for a fax containing additional information.)                                   
I hope that helps.                                                              
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