PSF/AIX: PSF Direct from OS/400.Using GG24-4493

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ABSTRACT:     PSF/AIX: PSF Direct from OS/400.  Using GG24-4493                 
              examples, but still not working                                   
SEARCH ARG:   psf/6000                                                          
TOPIC THREAD: PRINT                                                             
We are trying to configure PSF Direct (PSF/AIX) from an AS/400.  We             
have the "PSF Direct Network Configuration Guide for System/370"                
(S544-5287-02) and the redbook "Distributing AFP Printing from a                
Host System" (GG24-4493-00). We are following the examples on pages             
36-42, but are still unable to connect.  Are there any other sources            
of information, or do you have other suggestions?                               
Per our conversation, you're using a token-ring connection.                     
GG24-4493 is missing a critical SNA Server/6000 profile in the section          
you mentioned.  You will need to add a Transaction Profile Name (TPN)           
profile like the one on page 31 under local_tp.  For example:                   
smit sna                                                                        
 Configure SNA Profiles                                                         
   Advanced Configuration                                                       
       LU 6.2                                                                   
         LU 6.2 Transaction Program Name (TPN)                                  
           Add a Profile                                                        
                           Add LU 6.2 TPN Profile                              
Type or select values in entry fields.                                          
Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.                                   
(TOP)                                                   (Entry Fields)          
* Profile name                                       (psfdirect)                
  Transaction program name (TPN)                     (30F0F0F0)                 
  Transaction program name (TPN) is in hexadecimal?   yes                       
  PIP data?                                           no                        
     If yes, Subfields (0-99)                        (0)                        
  Use command line parameters?                        no                        
  Command line parameters                            ()                         
  Conversation type                                   basic                     
  Sync level                                          none                      
  Resource security level                             none                     
     If access, Resource Security Access List Prof.  ()                         
  Full path to TP executable                 (/usr/lpp/psf/bin/ainpsfhr)        
  Multiple instances supported?                       yes                       
  User ID                                            (0)                        
  Server synonym name                                ()                         
  Restart action                                      once                      
  Communication type                                  signals                   
    If IPC, Communication IPC queue key              (0)                        
  Timeout Attaches?                                   yes                       
    If yes, timeout value (0-3600 seconds)           (60)                       
  Standard input file/device                         (/dev/console)             
  Standard output file/device                        (/dev/console)             
  Standard error file/device                         (/dev/console)             
  Comments                                           ()                         
Also, make sure you have a recent copy of S544-5287.  Do not use the            
-00 level as there were some errors that have been corrected in more            
recent editions.  In particular, if you are configuring PSF Direct to           
use a dependent logical unit, be sure to add an LU6.2 Side Information          
profile that includes the "Local LU alias" and either the "Partner LU           
alias" or the "Fully qualified partner LU name". (Also, customers using         
PSF Direct with an OS/400 system must create a mode profile with the            
same name as the mode on the AS/400.  This mode profile must be named           
So the side information profile would look like this:                           
                    Add LU 6.2 Side Information Profile                         
Type or select values in entry fields.                                          
Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.                                   
(TOP)                                           (Entry Fields)                  
* Profile name                               (PSFD0101)                         
   Local LU or Control Point alias           (PSFD0101)                         
   Provide only one of the following:                                           
      Partner LU alias                       ()                                 
      Fully qualified partner LU name        (USIBMBQ.FSAES833)                 
   Mode name                                 (QSPWTR)                           
   Remote transaction program name (RTPN)    ()                                 
   RTPN in hexadecimal?                       no                                
   Comments                                  ()                                 
Also make sure that the value for "Solicit SSCP Sessions" in the                
Token Ring Link Station profile is set to "no" for AS/400s.                     
I hope that helps.                                                              
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
AIX PSF/6000 PSF/AIX DIRECT OS/400 AS/400 QSPWTR GG24-4493 SNA                  
side information profile LU dependent independent psf communications            
server cs/aix                                                                   

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