Automated resource management and MVS download

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ABSTRACT:     Automated resource management and MVS download                    
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The current implementation of MVS download does not include the transfer        
of resources from MVS to AIX.  This has been highlighed as a concern            
by several of my customers that currently use or are considering the use        
of MVS download.  The main objection is that the implementation returns         
resource version control to a manual process, and is contrary to one of         
AFPs strengths of central resource control.  In fact, customers have            
commented that the MVS download implementation is equivalent to having          
multiple XEROX printers with the resources needing to be loaded to each         
1) If we are able to have PSF manage print resources in a TCP/IP                
   attached printer, why are we unable to manage print resources on             
   an AIX print server?                                                         
2) Is there a technical limitation that prohibits resource version              
   verification and resource transfer from occuring?                            
3) Are there future plans to enhance MVS download to provide resource           
   version control?                                                             
4) Would it be possible, thru a services contract, to provide automated         
   resource version control capability with MVS download?                       
One last thought:  I realize that one solutin is to NFS mount the               
resources however my experience has been that customers dislike this            
alternative and 'prefer' manual resource control to NFS sharing.               
While waiting for Development to respond, let me add some comments:             
1. PSF is able to manage print resources in a TCP/IP-attached                   
   printer because it maintains a two-way IPDS dialog with the                  
   printer. This dialog allows PSF to determine precisely which                 
   resources the printer does and does not have, and respond                    
   In the case of MVS Download, there is no IPDS printer, and no                
   IPDS dialog. Rather, an enhanced FTP is used to transfer the                 
   data directly from spool to the AIX system. There is no                      
   processing of data in this transfer, and no normal IPDS dialog              
   takes place that allows MVS Download to even know what resources             
   are specified with the data - or what resources might be                     
   specified in AFP resources defined in JCL.                                   
Hopefully, you can see this is a SIGNIFICANT difference. In the                 
case of both RPM V2 and PSF/2 DPF (both of which allow for                      
automagic resource staging), there is a two-way IPDS dialog                     
between the host PSF and the server spooler (which is acting as                 
the printer and receiving a device-specific IPDS datastream). It                
is this very dialog that allows for the resource management.                    
2) I think I've answered what the technical challenge is in                     
   performing resource version verification and resource transfer.              
   We simply don't have a vehicle today to perform this.                        
3) The concept of resource version control across platforms (hey -              
   wouldn't it be nice to automagically updates resources on an                 
   AS/400 as well) is certainly desirable. But I can't speak to                 
   confidential plans here. You really need to raise this via                   
   official IBM channels as a REQUEST.                                          
4) The idea of getting implementing resource version control via                
   a services contract is great¢ I personally think this is a big               
   (read expensive) effort - but it wouldn't hurt to ask. The                   
   standard vehicle for this is our Professional Services group.                
NFS mounting the host AFP resource libraries is a viable plan                   
provided the PSF/AIX servers aren't TOO remote, and there is                    
plenty of bandwidth available to transfer resources as needed.                  
If the distance is too great, you'll potentially have performance               
degradations on the printers, as they spend time waiting for                    
resources to transfer from the host.                                            
I've discussed this item with Development and they agree with my                
comments. You can pursue the 'services contract' if you'd like, but I'll        
temper things a bit by saying the cost and schedule for delivery may            
well be too high and too long.                                                  
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