Conversion of Postscript files to PSEG3820

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ABSTRACT:     Conversion of Postscript files to PSEG3820                        
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PS/370 (5788-104) has been withdrawn from service. My customer needs            
to know which product replacement can convert Postscript files to:              
 1. LIST3820 files that can be printed on 3900, 3827 and 3825                   
 2. PSEG3820 files which get imbedded into Bookmaster files.                    
||| Updated October, 1998 to reflect announcement of InfoPrint Mgr 3.1.         
||  Updated March, 1998 to reflect new product announcement.                    
|   Updated October, 1996 to reflect additional announced functions.            
As noted in announcement letter 295-220, there are two workstation-based        
products that are the effective replacements for PS/370.  Both PSF for          
AIX (5765-505) and PSF for OS/2 (5622-551) have the capability to               
transform PostScript into LIST3820 (AFPDS) files, page segments, or             
overlays. The output is image and can be either compressed or                   
uncompressed image, depending on what your printer supports.  Compressed        
image is by far the most efficient to produce and transport.  The image         
| can be produced in either 240 dpi, 300 dpi or 600 dpi resolution.             
| Both PSF for OS/2 and PSF for AIX support PostScript Level 1 and             
| Level 2 as input (as well as PCL5/5e); PS/370 only supported Level 1. )       
|| InfoPrint Manager V2.1 (5648-A35) supports both PostScript Level             
|| 1 and Level 2 with a true Adobe rip with better performance than the         
|| RIP included in PSF/AIX or PSF/2.  It also offers a PostScript               
|| multiprocessor Extreme option.  InfoPrint Manager also includes              
|| additional transforms, including PDF, TIFF, GIF, and JPEG.                   
||| InfoPrint Manager V3.1 (5648-B35) has added support for PostScript          
||| Level 3 as an input data stream.                                            
These products can print the resulting output to locally attached               
printers.  For printing to an MVS- or VM-attached printer, the products         
are a bit different.  PSF for OS/2 has an automated upload-and-print            
| across SNA.  PSF for AIX, in conjunction with the optional AFP Upload        
| feature of PSF/MVS, offers an upload/print function using either the          
| SNA or TCP/IP communications protocols.  For VM, it is possible to            
| manually transfer the file (in binary format), reblock it and print           
| it; this will also work to an MVS system. See ASKQ items RTA000035780         
and RTA000086718 for additional information on this process, or the             
PSF for AIX Print Administration manual.                                        
||| Although InfoPrint Manager V2.1.1 does not support the AFP Upload           
||| feature of PSF/MVS V2.2, InfoPrint Manager V3.1 does support AFP            
||| Upload to MVS.                                                              
(Revised 01 October 1998)                                                       
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
PS/370 InfoPrint manager ipmgr TIFF PDF GIF JPEG Adobe OVERLAY ovly3820         
Upload level 3 pod l3 psf/6000 psf/aix                                          

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