Are the 6408 and 6412 supported yet for PSF/AIX Direct

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ABSTRACT:     Are the 6408 and 6412 supported yet for PSF/AIX Direct?           
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I find in the PSF for AIX Announcement letter that the 6408 and 6412            
are NOT supported by PSF/AIX Direct whereas several models of the               
4230 ARE supported.  I assume this is only because they were not                
tested at the time.  Have they been blessed since the announcement              
for this scenario?                                                              
You're right in that they had not been tested with PSF for AIX was              
announced.  I'm checking with both the BPC and hardware tech support            
to see what the current status is, and will update this item when               
they respond.  Leaving open...                                                  
There has been limited testing of the 64xx printers with PSF                    
Direct in the RS/6000 environment; we believe it should work.  You              
should only attach coax models of these printers, not twinax models,            
as per BLD FLASH 9526.                                                          
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
AIX PSF/6000 PSF FOR AIX 6408 6412 64XX PSF DIRECT                              

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