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ABSTRACT:     OS/2 applications printing to PSF/AIX controlled                  
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A customer has PSF/AIX installed, they print to (2) 3935 printers.              
Their environment is a SP2 and 990 RISC processors with a token-ring            
environment running OS/2 applications.  The customer has a number               
of OS/2 applications which print 100 page reports, and the current              
network printers cannot get the reports out quickly enough.                     
With these OS/2 applications, how can I route the print to the RISC            
environment and print via PSF/AIX to the 3935s. If we can do this               
cleanly with a point at a print device and jobs print, I can offload            
the applications to the 3935 and install a 3160.                                
Can you tell me more about how the systems are networked together?              
What LAN operating system (e.g., Novell, LAN Server, etc.)?  Do the             
OS/2 workstations have TCP/IP on them?  If you can provide additional           
information on their configuration and how the OS/2 systems and the             
RS/6000 are networked together, that would really help.                         
Closing for now, but awaiting your answer.                                      
The customer uses IBM LAN SERVER and TCP/IP to connect these systems           
together. They need to be able to print from AMIPRO, LOTUS 123, .cc             
mail and other OS/2 applications.                                               
The RISC systems have some applications running which direct print to           
the 3935s installed, also they direct print to HP's and other ticket            
printers. OS/2 prints directly across the LAN Server to desktop printers        
some of the applications have grown and print requirements are 100 page         
reports, so they'd like to direct this print to the 3935s across the            
network and let PSF/AIX handle it.                                              
1) The RS/6000s on the network will use normal remote print queuing to          
route output to a PSF/AIX print queue across the network.  We can also          
provide sample C code for a "lprafp" command that will allow them to            
directly address a particular server and print queue AND pass parameters       
to PSF/AIX (such as datatype or formdef).                                       
2) If the OS/2 workstations each have TCP/IP for OS/2 installed, then           
they can use the LPRPORTD or LPRMON capabilities of TCP/IP for OS/2 to          
redirect print to a remote PSF/AIX queue. They would not be able to             
pass parameters to PSF/AIX using this method, so they might need                
to set up multiple print queues with different defaults.                        
3) If the OS/2 workstations do not have TCP/IP for OS/2 but instead rely        
on LAN Server, then you may consider the licensed program product, AIX          
Connections.  When installed on an RS/6000, this product allows LAN             
Server, NetWare, and AppleTalk clients to access AIX shared resources           
such as filesystems or printers.  You would have to review the customer's       
printing requirements to see if multiple queues would be required since         
you cannot pass parameters to PSF/6000 using this method.                      
(Note that while AIX Connections can work with PSF/AIX printers, it             
does not support logical printers defined to PSM or InfoPrint Manager,          
since neither PSM nor InfoPrint Manager use the AIX spooling subsystem.)        
Novell with FLeX/IP would be another option, but since they don't have          
Novell, that's out.                                                             
If you are interested, please reopen this item and I'll send you a              
document on PSF/AIX and the SP.                                                 
I hope this helps.  Closing.                                                    
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