PSF/VSE to PSF/6000 migration

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ABSTRACT:     PSF/VSE to PSF/6000 migration                                     
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 Hi, one of my customers is migrating from PSF/VSE to PSF/6000 and I            
have a few questions that are not found anywhere yet..                          
- They are reformatting they output in ASCII file with minimum control          
  characters ( from feed, line feed ) that are Proprinter format.               
  Can they still use PPFA/6000 to print this data in 4-UP ?                     
  Announcement letter says no control characters but I'm not sure              
  it literally means NO CONTROL CHARACTERS.                                     
- In PSF/VSE ( or MVS ) we had to cancel address space when we change           
  pagedefs and formdefs with same names. Does this apply to PSF/6000 ?          
  If it does, how do we cancel address space ?                                  
- I also need to know what default resources are shipping with                  
  PSF/6000. As you know, VSE resources are not usable to them.                  
R1) We added function in the September 1994 timeframe through a PTF that        
now allows you use a pagedef with ASCII data that includes a form feed          
and/or carriage return, as well as the line feeds that we always               
accepted.  Pls see Update Guide G544-5264 (PENPUBS disk, about 235 pgs)         
beginning on page 139 for information on the new input exits,                   
asciinp and asciinpe.                                                           
R2) No, you shouldn't have to cancel the instance of PSF/6000 in the            
case you describe.  PSF/6000 behaves differently than do the host               
PSFs in this situation.  (By the way, to recycle PSF/6000 when you              
do need you, use the psfctl command.  See the Print Admin book as               
well as the pub I referenced above for the original psfctl command              
plus some enhancements.)                                                        
R3)  For a list of the resources shipped with PSF/6000, for fonts               
please see the appendices of the Print Admin guide.  There are some             
formdefs and pagedefs listed there as well, but for a revised list              
please see the Update guide I listed above.                                    
We have had one customer successfully migrate VSE resources over to             
VM and then down to the RISC. I can get you more detail or contacts             
if you like; please reopen this item if so.                                     
I hope that helps.                                                              
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
AIX PSF/6000 VSE migration resources ansi carriage control proprinter           
form feed line page eject 0C 0A 0D return channel code AFP                      

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