PSF/AIX: psfin/Input Manager not deleting jobs automatically

ITEM: RTA000154996

Customer has PSF for AIX V2 and is using it with GUI application for            
print management system.  They are having problems with the spool full          
conditions.  They can not delete old jobs automatically.  Can this be           
Customer uses GUI application for print management system                       
to send jobs to a daemon, and a script creates segments (files in               
segment libraries).  They would like the oldest files deleted.                  
In the Input Manager smit screen they take the default for the                  
percentage of work area for retained jobs (90%).  They also specify             
'automatic' for the workarea management parameter. Yet, the old files           
are not deleted.                                                               
What can be done, or can nothing be done?                                       
  customer environment  (following)                                             
  AIX 4.1.5                                                                     
  psf /aix v2.1                                                                 
  job submit : psfin command  (stdin input  and   using jobscript)              
  printer:3900-D01 3900-D02 3900-ow3                                            
  print data: modca-p data                                                      
  input : Disk (not tape)                                                       
  data size  2G up                                                              
  psf PTF: latest PTF                                                           
user's psf scenario :                                                          
cat $DATA | psfin -i stdin -j $JS -s customer sets                              
($DATA for print data and $JS for job script name.)                             
1. Now, external disk ( 2GB x 3 ) set adding the above-mentioned (for           
   working input manager).                                                      
2. We developed GUI application for print management system,                    
3. We do not use the function of direct print from tape input                   
   supported psf/aix.                                                           
4. Peek of actual system                                                        
   - 3 printers run at the same time.                                           
   - Modca-p data of 25000 page per 1 printer was run at the same time.         
Yes, Input Manager should be able to delete old jobs automatically and          
should be able to print files larger than 2GB if it is configured               
correctly.  There are some enhancements added through PTFs that have not        
been added to the official documentation.  Please review the following          
APARs to see if they solve your problem.  If, after you review these            
APARs, you are still experiencing the problems described in this record         
and 00013,VP3,760, please provide the information I request below.              
APARs TO REVIEW:                                                                
-  APAR IX76790 describes situations where long files submitted                 
   through Input Manager can create large /var/psf//pif            
   files which can fill up the /var filesystem (or, if you have a               
   separate /var/psf filesystem, it could be filling up) and cause              
   problems.  Since your jobs are 25000 pages, you may wish to monitor         
   the size of /var to see if this might be causing your problem.  If           
   so, please review the text of this APAR for information on a new             
   configuration file that can be added,                                        
-  Please review the text for APAR IX56062.  A new job script keyword           
   was added to assist customers who have large print jobs submitted            
   through psfin taking up all the workarea space, thus locking out             
   other printers and print jobs attempting to print at the same time           
   through the same server.  The APAR is entitled "Throttle on psfin            
   managing the segments on var for multiple large print jobs".                 
1) When you say that old files are not being deleted, do you mean               
   segment files in /var/psf/segments (or whatever filesystem(s) Input          
   Manager is using for its workarea), or do you mean the $DATA files?          
   I would assume you mean the segment files, since your code would be          
   responsible for erasing the $DATA files when no longer needed. Input         
   Manager has no knowledge or responsibility for the $DATA file that           
   your shell script "cat"s.                                                    
   However, I would like you to confirm my understanding.                       
2) Please provide the contents of the /var/psf/js/system.options file.          
3) Please provide the results of "lslpp -h psf.base".  You indicate that        
   you have current PTFs, but I would like to make sure of that.               
4) Please provide the results of "df -k".                                       
5) Please provide the results of "lsvg".                                        
6) Please provide the results of "lsvg rootvg".                                 
7) If you have additional volume groups (VGs), please provide the               
   results of the same command as in #6, but for the additional volume          
8) You mention that you created a new filesystem for Input Manager's            
   Workarea.  If you have more than one VG, to which VG does Input              
   Manager's workarea belong?                                                   
9) You mention that the three printers are each printing the same               
   25,000 page job.  However, I would like to know what is the size             
   of that job and what is the average size per page.  There are                
   instructions in Print Administration (S544-3817-03) in the section           
   on Input Manager that you referred to in the section called                  
   "Determining the Average MO:DCA-P Page Size of Jobs".                        
10) You mention that the customer is taking the default for the                 
    percentage of work area for retained jobs (90%).  However, the              
    default percentage of work area for retained jobs is not 90%, but           
    rather 50% as shown in Figure 52 (page 241 in my copy).  You may            
    be confusing this with the percent usage threshold (where the               
    default is 90%); the percent usage threshold indicates a percentage         
    of how full a file system that Input Manager is using as its                
    workarea can be before Input Manager stops creating segment files          
    in that file system.  I will be able to determine the values you            
    have configured from the system.options file I requested in #2.             
11) Please do the following, and then send us the /tmp/psfin.file:              
       ps -ef > /tmp/psfin.file                                                 
       cd /var/psf/seglist                                                      
       segprof -i . >> /tmp/psfin.file                                          
       segprof -v .  >> /tmp/psfin.file                                         
       cd /var/psf/segments     (or wherever the segments are stored)           
       ls -l   >> /tmp/psfin.file                                               
       enq -A >> /tmp/psfin.file                                                
    It would be best to do this when the system is "hung". These                
    commands should tell me what processes are running, the current            
    state of existing segment lists, number of bytes in each segment            
    list state, and a (little bit of) history of the segments that are          
    This information should along with the questions you've asked,              
    give a good picture of what's going on with their setup. It's               
    not real clear if none of the printers are printing or just one,            
    or what. It is certainly possible that job A going to printer A             
    takes up all the available space but isn't printing, and other              
    jobs are waiting for space that'll never come since no segments             
    are being stacked. If they're really trying to print 3 jobs which           
    are 2 Gbytes apiece at the same time using a small (300-500 Mbyte)          
    workarea, they may need to submit the jobs with a job script keyword        
    of PgsAhead to prevent one printer from gobbling up all the                 
    available space and starving the other two. Again, if they give us         
    the info that you asked for, and the stuff I asked for, that should         
    answer most of my questions.                                                
Closing, but if you need additional assistance, please reopen with the          
requested information.                                                          
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
psf/6000 psf/aix psf aix input manager psfin segment seglist pif                
delete deleting automatic workarea retained work area management                
size space disk                                                                 

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