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My customer need print files from ES/9000 in InfoPrint 4000 with                
PSF/6000. They need know what is the procedure for download files since         
IBM 9221 ES/9000 to Risc/6000 with PSF/6000.                                    
The IP4000 is connect to PSF/6000 via TCP/IP.                                   
The files are of Variable Length. The Record Length is 132 and the Block        
Length is 4080.                                                                 
How download these files to Risc without lost the structure of the              
files, and can print in PSF/6000 ?.                                            
Thks in advance.                                                                
The customer has VSE/ESA V.6.                                                   
First - one option that will work with any PSF printing from VSE to             
AIX is if you have PSF/VSE on the VSE system, you can get the PSF               
DIRECT feature of PSF/VSE and use it for printing.This is the                   
simplest way to print from VSE to PSF on an AIX system.                         
Other options for moving files from VSE to PSF on AIX system are                
discussed in various WWQA items - for example see                               
RTA000152859, RTA000150609, RTA000109030, or search under PSF AIX VSE.          
In principle, if the files have variable-length records, then you               
need some method of transfer that will communicate the record-length           
of each record to the AIX system.You need a transfer method that sends          
CRLF (carriage-control line feed).  FTP and IND$FILE will send files            
with CRLF.                                                                      
The 2nd issue is that if the data contains AFPDS controls or                    
 Machine Carriage Controls (all VSE spool files have Machine Carriage           
Controls) then the transfer method must preserve the hex values within          
the AFPDS and machine carriage controls.  So the transfer must be               
BINARY.  IND$FILE will allow you to send the fine BINARY and CRLF.              
Some FTP transfer programs will do this as well.  Some FTP will only            
allow CRLF (and not BINARY).Note, you do not need BINARY if your                
file does not contain AFPDS or Machine Carriage Controls.                       
So the principal methods are either FTP or IND$FILE, unless you have            
PSF/VSE and use PSF Direct.                                                     
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VSE PSF AIX InfoPrint Manager PSF/6000 transfer file AFP AFPDS                  

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