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Our customer is driving a 3900 with PSF for AIX. The printer is an old          
model 001 and is channel attached to a RS/6000 (C20).                           
The printer runs just fine when printing ascii but when the input is            
PCL, thruput is very poor -  4-5 pages at a time and then a pause for           
about 15 seconds (effective thruput of about 25 ppm).                           
We've experimented with the AFIG feature (installing on a test basis)           
and thruput was only marginally improved ==> 7-8 pages before the pause         
of 15 seconds. Same result with AFPDS output type defined as IO1;              
IO1-G4; and IO1-MMR.                                                            
Question; Is the DPE feature needed in addition to AFIG in order to             
attain normal thruput or do we have a problem somewhere else ???                
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In the future please do some searches in WWQ&A before submitting your           
questions.  There are multiple items out there that address this                
issue, including several 3900 performance flashes.                              
One such item is RTA000151594.  Also search on 3900 performance flash           
dpe and this will list multiple flashes that deal with performance.             
According to these items, the 3900-001 does not support compressed             
image.  The image types you listed are all compressed image types.              
Please see the above mentioned items and flashes for more information.          
If you are still experiencing problems after following the advice of            
these items, then take a look at your C20.  This is a pretty small              
(maybe 66Mhz) and may not be able to keep up with the load.  I also             
understand from these items that the buffer on the 3900-001 is also             
pretty small and that could be a problem as well.                               
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3900-001 3900 PSF/AIX performance dpe afig                                      

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