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I'm interested in knowing about the tape-to-com support that PSF for AIX        
provides, specifically about the Anacomp XFP2000 device:                        
1.what is it?                                                           can it be attached?                                                       
3.does it attach directly to the RS/6000?                               there any additional software involved to make it work?                    
5.can you explain how the whole process would work?                             
Thank you in advance.                                                          
Anacomp provides the marketing and technical support for PSF/AIX V2.1           
when it is used with their XFP2000, so for detailed information, you            
will need to contact them.  Please note that PSF/AIX is withdrawn from          
marketing tomorrow, December 11, 1998.                                          
However, I will tell you as much as I can.                                      
From page 20 of the PSF/AIX Print Administration Guide:                         
  PSF for AIX Version 2.1 adds support for AFP microfilm devices, such          
  as the Anacomp XFP2000.  The XFP2000 supports only TCP/IP attachments         
  when running under PSF for AIX.                                              
  You can send the same data to a PSF-supported printer or to a                 
  microfilm device.  To send a job to a microfilm device, you specify           
  a PSF queue that is designated for a microfilm device.  You define            
  a microfilm device to PSF for AIX in the same way you define a                
  With microfilm devices, you have access to the same AFP functions that        
  you use for printers supported by PSF for AIX.  You can use the same          
  AFP resources that you use for printers.  And, you can use the same           
  data transforms that you use for printers.                                    
  Note:  For more information about using the XFP2000 as an AFP                 
  microfilm device, see "XFP2000: AFP/COM System Administrator's Guide".        
(This is available from Anacomp as their publication XA-05-9601.)               
Chapter 17 in PSF/AIX Print Submission (S544-3878-03) is entitled               
"Using PSF for AIX with AFP Microfilm Devices".  It is 11 pages long            
and includes a graphical overview of the Microfilm Print Process.               
I would recommend that you refer to that chapter for information on how         
PSF/AIX works with Anacomp's device and that you contact Anacomp for any        
additional specific information.                                                
Did you have specific questions about the tape support?  If so, please          
I'm sorry I can't provide more information on the specific Anacomp              
Thanks for using WWQ&A.                                                         
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