PSF/AIX: Are all components of Upload and Print Y2K ready?

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Printer Systems (PRINT - NA/ATS)                                                
I have a customer that will be creating large print jobs on his Unix            
system. He would like to use Upload and Print to print the output on his        
MVS attached AFP fanfold printers. Also, he is very concerned about Y2K.        
According to the PSC web page,                                                 
t+CONTENT=techsupportoverview (then "Product Service Information", then         
"Year 2000 support", then "OS/400, AIX, OS/2"), PSF/AIX is Y2K. Does            
this mean all the components and features of PSF/AIX are also Y2K?              
For example, if I use Upload and Print, is Upload and Print Y2K? If             
Upload and Print uses ACIF on PSF/AIX to convert the Unix file to AFP,          
is ACIF Y2K? Etc...                                                             
Thanks in advance                                                               
I know PSF/AIX and ACIF/AIX are (with the exception of the header pages,        
which will be modified in the next PTF to show four positions for the           
year).  I will check on the Upload client piece on AIX and the Upload           
daemon on MVS and PSF/MVS.                                                      
According to the developer, there are no date dependencies in the               
AFP Upload code that runs on AIX or in the AFP Upload code that runs            
on MVS, so you should be all set for PSF/AIX, ACIF/AIX, PPFA/AIX, and           
AFP Upload (both AIX and MVS pieces) assuming current PTFs.                     
PSF/MVS with current maintenance is Y2K ready according to information          
on the web and in RTA000148655.                                                 
Please let me know if you have additional questions.  Thanks for using          
01 Dec 1998                                                                     
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