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I am not entirely sure that my analysis is correct here, so can you             
please confirm:                                                                 
o PSF/VM can print with PSF for AIX but only in Print Direct mode.  This        
  means that control of the printer is from PSF/VM and so no other              
  printing can be done from PSF for AIX.                                        
o The PCL2AFP module, which is a part of InfoPrint Manager, can be              
  obtained separately and so, if the IP60 were set up for IPDS then it         
  could be driven from PSF for AIX as an AFP printer.                           
o The IP60 can have multiple adapters, but only one can be active at any        
  one time.  You cannot therefore send IPDS, PCL and PostScript files to        
  the printer seamlessly.                                                       
o PostScript files could be routed to a PSF for OS/2 system, converted,         
  and the re-routed to PSF for AIX for actual printing.  For a single           
  printer with limited PostScript this would be achievable.                     
o PSF/VM could send its output to a PSF for OS/2 system.  PSF/2 could           
  direct it on to PSF for AIX.  They would need SNA communications from         
  the VM system to the OS/2 system.                                             
o If the VM system is using PSF/VM to print only line data then it could       
  be replaced by VM-TCP/IP LPR to send the line data to a PSF for AIX           
  system, where the Page Definition and Form Definition could be used.          
o PSF for AIX is almost gone.  Beginning of December is the date that it        
  is withdrawn.  Would InfoPrint Manager make things easier?                    
Original Question:                                                              
Customer has asked if the following printing system set-up will                 
work, customer wishes to run PSF/VM, attached to this will be PSF/AIX on        
a RS6000 system, these will be connected via Ethernet.  The customer            
will be printing to an IP60.  There will be terminals connected to the          
RS/6000 that will wish to print.  The customer wishes to send PCL,              
Postscript and IPDS data to the printer.  Customer has read some                
documentation and thinks that this should work, after a brief                  
discussion with PSC though it seems the VM and AIX systems will                 
only talk to each other in Direct Mode.                                         
1)  The InfoPrint 60 is an IPDS printer only and does not have native           
    PCL or PostScript support, so the comment about the adapters is             
    not applicable (as it would be for the 3130).                               
2)  PSF/AIX, though withdrawn from marketing 11 Dec 1998, will                  
    continue to be supported until 31 Jan 2001.                                 
3)  PSF/AIX does include both the pcl2afp and ps2afp transforms, and            
    also supports PSF Direct (as does InfoPrint Manager), so there is           
    no need for a PSF/2 in this configuration.                                  
4)  The ps2afp transform in InfoPrint Manager is a true Adobe rip,              
    and will transform PS L3 output at InfoPrint Manager 3.1.  The              
    ps2afp transform in PSF/AIX is a Xionics rip; it supports                   
    PS L1 and PS L2.  The Adobe rip in InfoPrint Manager is faster              
    than the Xionics rip in PSF/AIX.  This may or may not be an issue           
    depending on the complexity, size and level of PostScript the               
    customer wants to print.                                                    
5)  The pcl2afp transform in PSF/AIX and InfoPrint is the same, at              
    least at this point in time.                                                
6)  If the customer has PSF/VM and does want to have the operator               
    control of jobs remain at the host, then they can use PSF Direct            
    (SNA LU6.2) with either PSF/AIX or InfoPrint Manager.  Timers               
    can be set to allow the printer to be shared automatically                 
    between the PSF Direct session and the LAN jobs.                            
7)  As you said, if the customer is sending down line data, then it             
    is possible to use LPR to send print jobs down to PSF/AIX or                
    InfoPrint Manager, but it is *not* possible to pass parameters              
    (such as pagedef or formdef name) down to PSF/AIX or InfoPrint              
    Manager.  Operator control would pass to the RS/6000.                       
It would be helpful if we understood more about the type of data that           
they want to print from VM and where they want operator control to              
I'm going to close this for now, but please reopen if you get more info         
on the type of data from VM and would like additional information.              
Note that there are some restrictions in PSF/AIX regarding mixed data           
(line data with imbedded AFP structured fields) when it comes to                
inline resources, so if they're considering that, we need to discuss            
Hope this helps.                                                                
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sna tcp/ip pcl postscript pcl2afp ps2afp ipds print                             

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