Line Mode RPQ 8B3937 and PSF/AIX

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Printer Systems (PRINT - NA/ATS)                                                
Does PSF/AIX support the 4000 with Line Mode RPQ 8B3937?                        
I will have to check, though my first reaction is that it would not             
since PSF/AIX doesn't support the 3800 in any way, much less in line            
mode and certainly wouldn't know anything about COPYMODs or LINE MERGE          
or other 3800 line mode specific constructs.  But I will verify.                
Deferring pending development response.                                         
Boulder confirms that neither PSF/AIX nor InfoPrint Manager will                
support Line Mode RPQ 8B3937.                                                   
Thanks for using ViewBlue.                                                      
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psf/6000 psf/aix aix infoprint ipmgr 8B3937 3800 line mode RPQ                  

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