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Hi, I need your help. My customer wants to print PCL to InfoPrint               
60 through the RS/6000 with PSF/6000, The RS/6000 will be connected to          
LAN Ethernet and the InfoPrint 60 to the RS/6000. In the LAN will be            
connected PCs with Windows 95/Windows 3.1, My question, Can I print from        
Word/Excel directly to the Printer (through to the RS/6000) without a           
operator in the RS/6000?. How to?.                                              
Thks for your help..                                                            
Please review libraried WWQ&A item RTA000151106 and see if that                
answers your questions.  If not, please reopen this item.                       
Thanks for using WWQ&A.                                                         
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psf psf/6000 psf/aix aix windows win95 winnt winafp driver PCL lpr              
applications print InfoPrint 3160 ip60 intervention operator automatic          

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