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I need some help with sizing. My customer is looking at either PSF for          
AIX or InfoPrint Manager.  They have a large number of printers. LAN and        
Host, and they want help in figuring out how many print servers they'll         
need, what size server to  buy, what the cost will be, etc.  They don't         
know yet whether they will want PSF for AIX or InfoPrint Manager.  Do           
you have sizing questions for each solution?  I'd appreciate if you             
could send this to me as soon as you can.  Thanks.                              
The questionnaire for the InfoPrint Manager sizing is available on             
the web.  It pretty much incorporates the questions I used to ask for           
PSF/AIX, so I think you're safe filling out just one.  I think the              
easiest is for me to send you a note offline with the URL or an icon            
that will set it up for you as a link to the Notes database.                    
Let me know if you have any additional questions.                               
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