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Printer Systems (PRINT)                                                         
Here is partial text of question from the customer.                             
Where can the following information for the header be obtained:                 
USERID; NODEID; JOB NAME; NAME; and ROOM.  We are using the WIN95               
AFP print driver on the client workstation and sending a document               
via AIX connection down to a RS6000 AIX print queue.  From the AIX              
queue, we process the document thru the PSFIN utility to place it               
in the PSF/AIX queue.                                                           
Are there any examples of how other sites obtain the information               
for this header?                                                                
As we discussed on the phone, what your customer is really trying to do         
is use the AFP Driver on Windows 95 and send that output to a PSF/AIX           
queue.  Because they thought there was no way to automate that, they            
have been printing from the AFP Driver to a file on the RS/6000 (through        
AIX Connections), then issuing the psfin command against that file.             
That was the underlying basis for their question about information for          
job separator sheets.                                                           
However, let me tell you how your customer can configure the AFP Driver         
on Windows 95 to work with the IBM LPR Remote Printing Client V2.30             
for Windows 95 (available for free download from the IBM PSC external           
web site).  This will get them the USERID, NODEID, and JOB NAME from           
the Windows 95 user onto the separator page.  It won't help with NAME           
or ROOM, as those are parameters that can only either be specified from         
the command line or through MVS Download.  If that's not sufficient,            
then we'll have to readdress their original question.                           
1. To obtain the IBM LPR Remote Printing Client for Windows 95, you can         
|  go to the external IBM Printing Systems Company website as follows:          
|   Select "Technical Support"                                                  
|   Select "Other Downloadable Files"                                           
|   Select "Network Printer Utilities and Microcode" (not Network Color)        
   Find the entry for "IBM LPR Remote Printing Client Version 2.30 for          
   Windows 95" and click on the highlighted link for instlpr.exe.              
   That will take you (or you can point your browser directly) to:              
2. Follow the instructions in the readme.txt file to install the IBM            
   LPR Remote Printing Client code.                                             
3. To add a printer, follow the instructions in the "Adding an IBM              
   LPR Remote Printer".  You can browse this at the conclusion of the           
   installation (Step #2) or you can bring it up at any time by going           
   to the Windows taskbar, select "Start", then "Programs", then "IBM          
   LPR Remote Printing Client", then "Adding an IBM LPR Remote Printer".        
   The key is that on Step #3 of those instructions, rather than                
   selecting a manufacturer and printer from the displayed list, select         
   "Have Disk...".  On the next screen, point to the drive and path             
   where you have the IBM AFP Driver code.                                      
4. That will bring up the list of the various IBM AFP drivers.                  
   Highlight the driver that best fits your print requirements, and             
   then select Next>.                                                           
5. Now resume the instructions from "Adding an IBM LPR Remote Printer"          
   at Step #4 and follow them to conclusion.  The Host Name or IP               
   Address will be the address or name of your PSF/AIX server, and              
   the Printer/Queue Name will be the name of the PSF/AIX queue.               
   You can uncheck the box for "Send banner page control flag" because          
   no banner page will be sent to PSF/AIX from Windows 95 anyway.               
Now your Windows 95 users can print to that PSF/AIX printer directly            
from their Windows applications without having to print first to a file.        
You can define up to 32 remote printers in this way.  (The IBM LPR              
Remote Printing Client also has a DOS command line LPR executable               
program for printing jobs directly.  Unfortunately, there's no flag to          
enable you to pass parameters to PSF/AIX or InfoPrint Manager.)                 
So what information gets put on the PSF/AIX header page when you print          
from the IBM LPR Remote Printing Client to a PSF/AIX queue?  The                
USERID printed out with my Windows 95 user name.  The NODEID printed            
out the computer name of my Windows 95 system.  JOB NAME also printed           
out; in my case, I was printing the text of "Adding an IBM LPR Remote          
Printer", and the resulting JOB NAME was "Printing 'Adding an IBM LPR           
Remote Printer'".  DISTRIBUTION printed out my user name and full               
machine name: "".  That's it aside from the SPOOLID,         
PRINTER, PRINT DATE and FILE DATE.  There's no way I'm aware of to              
get the ROOM and NAME fields filled in using the IBM LPR Remote                 
Printing Client.                                                                
Do you think this will be sufficient for your customer, or do we need to        
reexamine their current approach?  Closing for now, but please reopen           
the item if needed.                                                             
Thanks for using ViewBlue.                                                      
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