PSF/AIX, PSM, OnDemand, InfoPrint Manager: SAP certification?

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Is our printing software (in particular PSF, OnDemand, PSM and DOC1)            
certified by SAP for compliance with the SAP Raw Data Interface ?               
SAP R/3 does have a certification process to evaluate and test "the             
quality of a software vendor's interface and the data exchange with the         
R/3 System" at their Integration and Certification Centers (ICCs).              
"The ICCs only evaluate the connection between the complementary               
product's interface and SAP's interface.  SAP does not assess the               
functionality or quality of the third-party application itself."                
The above quotations are taken from the "SAP Certification Q&A" .pdf            
file available from the SAP AG web site.                                        
Doc1 is not an IBM product, so you would need to check with the vendor          
of that product, Group 1 (                                   
For the IBM PSC products you mention:                                           
| No IBM products interface with SAP's SAPScript Raw Data Interface             
| (BC-RDI).                                                                     
| InfoPrint Manager 3.1 (5648-B34) does interface and is officially            
| certified for the SAP XOM Interface to External Output Management             
| (BC-XOM) that formally became available in SAP R/3 release 4.0x.              
| The BC-XOM interface is currently the only SAP R/3 interface to which         
| InfoPrint Manager 3.1 is certified.                                           
| Neither PSF/AIX nor PSM are certified to any SAP R/3 interface; they          
| did not support the Output Management System (only available beginning        
| in InfoPrint Manager 3.1), so BC-XOM certification for those two              
| products is moot.                                                             
| OnDemand for AIX is working to become certified to the SAP R/3                
| ArchiveLink interface through IBM CommonStore, but I don't have any           
| information on when the paperwork will be completed.  There is an             
| SAP website that lists the different vendors certified to the many            
| different SAP interfaces.  Please refer to URL:                              
| for a current list              
| of SAP certified complementary products.                                      
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