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My customer has the following questions regarding definitions                   
of queues and printers in PSF for AIX 2.1                                       
-He has defined via smit a TCP/IP printer.                                      
-via the show/change char. of printer specified a simplex formdef               
 nothing specified at DUPLEX.                                                   
-via AIX Spooling defined 4 queues to meet his special forms change             
Now he wants to define for every already defined queue an additional           
queue which has a duplex characteristic.                                        
In my opinion that is not possible an AIX queue is only a space                 
reservation without any print attribute, correct?                               
At the moment he has only one printer defined (3160 with TCPIP).                
Is there a way to define somewhere two queues/printers? which are               
'attached' to the same hardware? one logical printer for simplex and            
an other logical printer for duplex?                                            
Thanks, Jan de Rover                                                            
I'm not quite sure I understand what your question is.  Are the 4               
AIX queues "re-queueing" the jobs over to the PSF simplex queue?                
Now you want 4 AIX queues to send to a PSF duplex queue?...or                  
you want the AIX queues to specify a duplex attribute and send                  
to a PSF duplex queue?                                                          
If I understand what you are trying to do, I would suggest creating             
4 additional "special forms AIX queues" that "re-queue" to a PSF                
DUPLEX queue.  Just create your PSF TCPIP printer which should                  
default to a duplex formdef (F1A10111).                                         
As for AIX queues, it depends on how you created them, and which                
printer driver you selected as to whether there is a duplex option              
or not.  If you create a "User defined backend" queue, you will not             
have any customizable attributes for that printer.  If you create               
it in such a way that AIX creates what is called a "virtual printer"            
you WILL have customizable attributes.  A "virtual printer" contains            
all of your formatting attributes like duplex, pitch, page width,              
length, etc.  The attributes will differ with printer model and data-           
stream, and "duplex" will not be valid in all scenarios.                        
If this doesn't address your problem, please respond clarifying what            
you are wanting to do.                                                          
Thank you.                                                                      
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PSF AIX duplex virtual printer queues                                           

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