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Printer Systems (PRINT)                                                         
PSF/AIX is set up to print IPDS to NP24 via Ethernet.                           
The print definition in PSF/AIX has no output bin selection (blank)..           
so customer's job picks up the default printer definition to the                
NP24 side stacker with the first job.                                           
Customer needs to change the destination to accommodate a form which            
will not feed through the side stacker.  When the printer is not                
active (in ready mode) the user can change the output destination               
to the "main" tray; however, when the next job follows, it                      
continues to go to the side stacker...up until the printer is                  
stopped and restarted from PSF/AIX.                                             
Is there a parm settable in the PSF/AIX definition which would cause            
this to be recognized...we have the end of job timeout set to 15 so that        
the printer goes into "Ready" mode, so that the operator can                    
change the output destination at the printer.                                   
The output is generated from we want to avoid having to define         
yet another print queue to just handle the output bin selection.                
If what you're asking is if PSF/AIX can be set to recognize printer             
configuration settings physically set at the printer's operator panel,          
the answer is no.  What is in the datastream will always override a             
printer's operator panel settings.  It's designed this way because the         
assumption is that the person or application who generates the data             
stream knows best and thus won't have to rely on the goodness of the            
previous user or job to leave the printer in a certain state.  So, no,          
there's no way to tell PSF/AIX to ignore what's in the datastream and           
instead use the operator panel settings at the printer.                         
I can come up with a number of ways to specify an output bin, but they          
would affect all jobs for that destination, not just a particular job.          
I think you'll need to create a new SAP destination for this particular         
job. In the /usr/lpp/psf/sap2afp/ file, you could equate that        
Dest with a new three-letter System name, i.e.,                                 
Dest=OUT2 System=NAL Queue=psfq Node=                                    
Then you could copy AIXLD to NALLD and AIXAFP to NALAFP, and modify            
the NAL* copies to issue the desired enq commands with the -ooutbin             
keyword. (The AIX* shell scripts are in the /usr/lpp/psf/sap2afp                
directory.)  This would route any job (including headers and trailers)          
that was sent to SAP output device "OUT2" to the specified outbin.              
Did I understand your question correctly?                                       
Thanks for the suggestion on adding the SAP Dest.. Customer feels               
that the number of SAP Printers is confusing so they don't want to add          
any more.  I just want to be sure that we have no other option...               
Just to clarify...PSF/AIX is picking up the output bin selection set at         
the op panel of the 4324...the bin destination PSF/AIX uses is the one          
set at the 4324 op panel at the time the printer is initiated at AIX.          
A subsequent op panel bin change is not recognized until the printer is         
drained and restarted (or powered off which causes a drain anyway).             
As I look at the documentation, not specifying an output bin on the             
PSF/AIX queue indicates it will use the default bin selection at the            
printer.  However, this seems to be a incomplete statement as it does           
not recognize a change at the printer after startup.                            
Also, where is the BIN numbering documented for the 4324 for use with           
the -o outbin parm, so I know what bin number maps to what physical             
bin?  I'm not hit upon this yet.                                                
Finally, they have expressed an interest in PSM or Infoprint Manager in         
the long term printing solution...I just participated in an Infoprint           
Manager install last month with BAAN.   Does the SAP interface with             
Infoprint Manager provide any benefits vs SAP2AFP with PSF/AIX?  Would         
it allow us to avoid the multiple SAP printer definitions they are              
concerned about?                                                                
In regards to your question about SAP support in InfoPrint Manager,             
the support in 2.1.1 is essentially the same as in PSF/AIX 2.1.  In             
a future release of InfoPrint Manager, there will be a number of                
enhancements, the most significant of which will be improved                    
notification.  However, I don't think it will address the issue you             
raise in this question.  I'll be getting additional information on              
our SAP support the week of 4/27, and if I learn differently, I'll let          
you know.  In the meantime, take a look at libraried item RTA000148214.         
When PSF/AIX is enabled for a printer, it does an IPDS OPC (Obtain              
Printer Characteristics) command to discover the settings at the               
printer.  That's how it knows what the default output bin is set to             
at that time.  The only way for PSF/AIX to know that something has              
changed at the operator panel is if the printer returns an IML NACK,            
which would in turn cause PSF/AIX to issue another OPC.  I've confirmed         
with product engineering that the Network Printers do not return an             
IML NACK for an operator panel change.  Here are the PE's comments:             
  This request would not be appropriate to implement.  It would imply           
  that we should give an IML NACK for every op-panel change.  (It would         
  be extremely difficult to only give an IML Nack for a default paper           
  change.)  An IML Nack also has the problem of losing all downloaded           
  resources and other sundry problems.                                          
So the only way for PSF/AIX to become aware that the operator has               
reset a value at the printer panel is either to stop/restart PSF/AIX           
(psfctl -dtu ) or power the printer off and back on.               
I found this information in a previous item for PSF/MVS.  I don't have          
a copy of the Coax/Twinax Configuration Guide handy at the moment, but          
Section 4.4 describes PSF Input Trays and Output Bins for the NPs:              
PSF Bin 1 pulls paper from Tray 1 (top).                                        
PSF Bin 2 pulls paper from Tray 2 (middle).                                     
PSF Bin 3 pulls paper from Tray 3 (bottom).                                     
PSF Bin 100 pulls paper from the AUXTRAY.                                       
PSF Bin 65 pulls paper from the Envelope Feeder.                                
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