PSF/AIX: Input Manager (psfin) to a remote PSF/AIX?

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Customer has two Risc/6000 Systems with PSF/AIX Installed.                      
They connected Infoprint 4000-IS1 via Ethernet.                                 
These systems are called Production & Test.                                     
When a job is submitted for Production to be printed from Test (remote          
queues are at Test system) then Test system is looking for the                  
VAR SEGMENTS. However these are created at the Production system.               
Therefore the operator manually moves these files to Test System.               
Is there a way to submit the printjob to the remote queue without               
manually moving the output segments to the Test system?                         
As background, if this were a single standalone system, when a job is           
submitted to the PSF/AIX Input Manager (through the smit psf panels or          
through the psfin command) and if the data stream is other than                 
Proprinter ASCII -- in other words, a data stream that is AFPDS or that         
can be transformed to AFPDS, Input Manager will create a single file in         
/var/psf/seglist.  PSF/AIX then enqueues that file in /var/psf/seglist          
for printing with a special identifier that identifies it as a segmented        
job; the seglist file in turn points to the job's segments that are             
created in /var/psf/segments (or whatever they named their filesystem          
for segmenting).                                                                
What this customer has done is create a remote AIX queue (with rembak)          
on Production that points to the PSF/AIX queue on Test for the InfoPrint        
4000.  They then use Input Manager to submit the job to the rembak              
queue on Production; rembak sends the seglist file over to the PSF/AIX          
on Test, but this seglist file is just a pointer to the segments that           
were created and still reside over on Production.  PSF/AIX can't find           
the files and thus the job fails with the messages the customer sees.           
I spoke with the developer, and the design and implementation of Input          
Manager assumes that the segmenting occurs on the RS/6000 that actually         
drives the printer.  So his recommendation would be to submit the job           
directly to the PSF/AIX queue on Test -or- to have Production drive the         
InfoPrint 4000 printer and continue to submit the job there.                   
If they have configured their Production to have /var/psf/segments              
and/or /var/psf as a separate logical volume/filesystem, then it might          
be possible for Test to NFS-mount those filesystems.  However, this has         
not been tested, and the developer was concerned about the clean-up             
algorithms of two PSF/AIX systems sharing a /var/psf/segments and/or            
/var/psf filesystem.                                                            
I hope this helps.  Please let me know if you have additional questions.        
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/var/psf/segments /var remote                                                   

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