PSF/AIX and InfoPrint Manager support for AIX v4.3

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Is 5765-505 supported on AIX V4.3?  If not, will it run on AIX V4.3?            
Or is there a follow-on product that will run on AIX V4.3?                      
I checked with the PSF/AIX and InfoPrint product tester in Boulder.             
He is able to install and use PSF/AIX on AIX 4.3 with one minor                 
exception, which is that he was unable to use the ASCII/curses                  
version of "smit -c psf" to submit print jobs (the creation of job              
scripts failed); however, the AIXwindows version worked fine, so you           
can work around this as necessary.  The developers are looking at this          
minor problem, so it should be fixed anyway in the not-too-distant              
The tester did verify that the transforms worked and that he could              
print to S/370 Channel Emulator/A-attached printers.                            
So with the minor caveat I noted above, you can use PSF/AIX on AIX              
V4.3 systems and Boulder will accept APARs on this configuration.               
*** IMPORTANT NOTE ***                                                          
You *must* order and apply current PTFs for PSF/AIX in order for it             
to work under AIX V4.  Otherwise, you'll see core dumps and error               
messages when you try to print or manage PSF devices.                          
| InfoPrint Manager V2.1.1 is not officially supported on AIX V4.3.             
| However, there is a "toleration" PTF that can enable InfoPrint 2.1.1          
| to function on a 4.3 system.  Full support for 4.3 is available in            
| InfoPrint Manager 3.1 (5648-B34) which GA's 23 October 1998.                  
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