Uploading Spooled Print from PSF/AIX To AS/400

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ABSTRACT:     Uploading Spooled Print For PSF/AIX To AS/400                     
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Can we upload PSF/AIX spooled print jobs to an AS/400 (ala upload to            
MVS)?  Will it convert ASCII data to EBCDIC with the appropriate CRLF?          
There's no automated upload and print function from PSF/AIX to an AS/400        
exactly like that on MVS, which sends only AFPDS from PSF/AIX to MVS            
across SNA or TCP/IP.  However, if what you want to do is send flat             
ASCII files from an RS/6000 to an AS/400 for printing, then you should          
be able to set up a remote queue on AIX to route the output via TCP/IP         
to the AS/400 for printing.  You don't need PSF/AIX for this.                   
There is quite a bit of information at                                          
http://tesch.aix.dfw.ibm.com/printips/as400.html.  Let me know if you           
are unable to get to it; it is on the IBM intranet only, so you would           
need to print it for your customer.  That's the latest information I            
can find, and it is quite detailed.                                             
I also checked the OS/400 Printer Device Programming V3R2 book,                 
SC41-3713.  Chapter 22 has a little bit of information on "Sending              
and Printing Files with TCP/IP", and refers to the redbook, AS/400              
Printing III from June 1993; specifically there is information in               
section 5.3 for AS/400 as a server.                                             
There is also information on how to print from an RS/6000 to an AS/400         
printer using the AIX AS/400 Connection Program Version 2 in a redbook          
from June 1993 (GG24-4039), but that predates the TCP/IP function that          
is now included with AS/400, so I suspect it may be obsolete.                   
So to recap, if all you want to do is print ASCII jobs to an AS/400             
printer without additional formatting, you don't need PSF/AIX.The               
instructions in http://tesch.aix.dfw.ibm.com/printips/as400.html discuss        
how to set up the AIX print queue with the proper flags.                        
If you were thinking of having PSF/AIX do the formatting and create             
AFPDS to send to the AS/400, then we probably need to discuss further;          
please reopen this item.                                                        
I hope this helps.  Unfortunately, I don't have access to an AS/400 for         
any testing, but if you need additional information, please don't              
hesitate to reopen this item; I can work with Boulder or Rochester on           
any specific questions you might have.                                          
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